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The allure of Gamagori, in a diverse range of attractions

A complex of resort facilities with a 'sea' theme, facing Mikawa Bay. If your aim is to play all you want, go to "Lagunasia", where you will find a plethora of attractions and seasonal events. If it’s shopping and getting fresh Gamagori seafood you want, go to "Festival Market". If you want to refresh yourself with the blessings of the sea, go to "Thalgo Laguna"... You will be able to experience the allure of Gamagori, so rich in natural beauty, while feeling satisfied in both body and mind.
Posted photos Main "Pirates Blast": Nothing will top the exhilaration you feel as you burst into the open from the darkness within
Three photos Upper left "Thalasso Pool", which uses warmed seawater, upper right “Fish Market", lined with fresh local fish (within Festival Market), lower After night falls, the illuminations at “Flower Lagoon” will invite you to a fantastical world
Address Lagunasia
Kaiyo-cho 2-3, Gamagori City, Aichi
Phone Laguna Ten Bosch Information Center
+81-533-58-2700 (9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) (Japanese only)
* The phone number for inquiries varies depending on the facility.
Opening hours * Varies depending on the season and facility.
Holidays * Varies depending on the facility.
Admission fee ● Lagunasia Passport
Adults (junior high school age and over) 4,100 yen
Elementary school students 3,000 yen
Infants (age 3 and over) 2,250 yen
● Admission tickets
Adults (junior high school age and over) 2,150 yen
Elementary school students 1,200 yen
Infants (age 3 and over) 700 yen
Access Lagunasia: Take the JR Tokaido Main Line from "Toyohashi Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen for approx. 12 minutes, alight at "Gamagori Station", take the free shuttle bus for approx. 15 minutes, and alight at the nearby "Lagunasia".
* Please check the website for details on the holidays and opening hours of each facility.

updated on Mar 26, 2018

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