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[Yoshida Castle (Toyohashi Park)]

The castle that sat at the front line of many wars

Toyohashi Park, City Hall next to it, and the surrounding area are all on the site of the former Yoshida Castle. In 1564, Ieyasu Tokugawa attacked Ohara Shizuzane, the ruler of Yoshida Castle at that time, brought the castle under his control, and appointed Sakai Tadatsugu as castellan. Tadatsugu renovated Yoshida Castle, and excavations have revealed that he dug a new moat. Later, Ikeda Terumasa became castle ruler, and embarked on a massive project to renovate Yoshida Castle. A particular highlight is the variety of engravings on the stone walls. These stone wall stamps are actually the marks of the feudal lords and retainers who took part in building Nagoya Castle, and are here today because the remaining stones from the building of Nagoya Castle were used for the renovation. From the Meiji era, military units of the armed forces were stationed here, and in some areas, you can enjoy the vestiges of those days.
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During the Edo period, Hiroshige Utagawa made Yoshida Castle a subject of his ukiyo-e works as one of the Tokaido's most famous places
Upper left: A part of the stone walls still remains as it withstood the great earthquake disasters of the Edo period, Upper right: Barrack gates and a guard post (observation post) and more still exist, reminding us that the 18th infantry regiment of the former Japanese Imperial Army was stationed here, Bottom: Yoshida Castle, standing amid the abundant greenery of Toyohashi Park
Address Imahashi-cho 3, Toyohashi City, Aichi
Phone Toyohashi City Tourism Promotion Division
+81-532-51-2430 (Japanese only)
* For any inquiries about Toyohashi Park, please contact Toyohashi City Park and Forestry Division (+81-532-51-2650)
Opening hours Inside Yoshida Castle's steel turret: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Free entry for Toyohashi Park and the area around Yoshida Castle)
Holidays Inside Yoshida Castle's steel turret: Every Monday and Tuesday
Tour fee Free
Access Alight at "Toyohashi Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen, go to Toyohashi Railway "Shintoyohashi Station", and take the Toyotetsu City Line for approx. 7 minutes. Alight at "Shiyakusyo-mae", and walk for approx. 3 minutes.
URL Eejanaika Toyohashi (Toyohashi Visitors & Convention Association)

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