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[Mt. Horaiji (Horai-ji Temple)]

A noted temple with 1300 years of history, and a sacred mountain blessed with rich nature

Famous for its beautiful autumn leaves, Mt. Horaiji is a natural treasure trove where the whole mountain is nationally designated as a natural monument and place of scenic beauty. The old Horai-ji Temple, located around halfway up the sacred mountain, is said to have been founded by a hermit called Rishu 1300 years ago. On the long approach to the temple which is 1,425 steps on stone from the foot of the mountain, there stands an amazing umbrella cedar tree about 800 years old and roughly 60 m high. The natural landscape of Oku-Mikawa that gradually comes into sight as you go up the stone steps is sure to bring you solace. The Niomon Gate constructed by Lord Iemitsu Tokugawa in 1651 is a piece of the nation's important cultural property.
Posted photos Main Horai-ji Temple famous for its beautiful autumn leaves
Three photos Upper left A stone cliff face behind Horai-ji Temple known as the Mirror Stone which has become an object of worship, upper right The Niomon Gate with its gabled roof reconstructed in the Edo period, has been nationally designated as important cultural property, lower The umbrella cedar praised for its beautiful umbrella-like form is estimated to be 800 years old
Address Aza Horaiji, Kadoya, Shinshiro City, Aichi
Phone Shinshiro City Tourism Association
+81-536-32-0022 (Japanese only)
Access Take the JR Iida Line from "Toyohashi Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen for approx. 60 minutes, alight at "Hon-Nagashino Station". Take the Toyotetsu Bus bound for Horaiji for approx. 8 minutes, alight at "Horaiji" and walk for approx. 1 hour 20 minutes.
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Shinshiro City Tourism Association
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