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[Sakura Matsuri (Mukaiyama Ryokuchi etc.)]

A sakura park loved by citizens, which sees crowds of people late into the night

This hanami event is held in three venues: Mukaiyama Ryokuchi, Toyohashi Park, and Iwaya Ryokuchi, which are the oases of Toyohashi's people. The main venue is Mukaiyama Ryokuchi, where stalls stand side by side under the 1,000 or so sakura trees, and crowds of people gather for hanami. Events that liven up the venue, like the karaoke contests, are hugely popular! The place is filled with thousands of smiles, and the lively atmosphere continues into the night during the illumination period. Toyohashi Park and Iwaya Ryokuchi see about 500 sakura trees bloom, and they offer a spring sentiment with a slightly different flavor.
Posted photos Main Mukaiyama Ryokuchi, where sakura in full bloom hangs overhead
Side Why not enjoy the sakura while sitting down or strolling around the vast grounds?
Viewing period End of March to beginning of April
Date March 25th to April 7th in 2019 (planned)
Address 80-4 Aza Shichimen, Mukaiyama-cho, Toyohashi City, Aichi (Mukaiyama Ryokuchi)
Imahashi-cho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi (Toyohashi Park)
Aza Hiuchizaka, Oiwa-cho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi (Iwaya Ryokuchi)
Phone Toyohashi City Tourism Promotion Division
+81-532-51-2430 (Japanese only)
Admission fee Free
Access Mukaiyama Ryokuchi: Take the Toyotetsu Bus Iwata Danchi (Oike) Line or Iimura Iwasaki Line from "Toyohashi Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen for approx. 10 minutes, alight at "Daimachi" and walk for approx. 5 minutes.
Toyohashi Park: Take the Toyotetsu City Line from "Toyohashi Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen for approx. 7 minutes, alight at "Shiyakusho-mae Station" and walk for approx. 3 minutes.
Iwaya Ryokuchi: Take the JR Tokaido Main Line from "Toyohashi Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen for approx. 5 minutes, alight at "Futagawa Station", and walk for approx. 10 minutes.
URL Toyohashi City
* Depending on the weather and natural conditions etc., it may not be possible to see views like the ones in the photos / article. Viewing periods for flowers / autumn leaves and event schedules are subject to change.
* The Sakura Matsuri is scheduled to be held every year from end of March to beginning of April.

updated on Mar 22, 2019

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