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Shizuoka Station 


Delicious bonito from Yaizu Port which has a clean taste in early summer and adds rich flavor in autumn

Yaizu Port is renowned as one of the major bases for deep-sea bonito fishing in Japan. It boasts the largest volume of (frozen) bonito landed in Japan. Some prefer the first bonito of the year which ushers in early summer with its fresh flavor, while some prefer returning bonito with rich fat in autumn. Various regional recipes unique to Yaizu, the bonito town, are available as well as sashimi, seared bonito etc. Bonito heart is good salt-grilled, simmered with miso, deep fried or as oden. Salt-grilled fatty bonito belly and half-dried bonito with its condensed flavor are also standard fixtures on the menu in Yaizu.
Posted photos Main "Half-dried bonito" made by boiling them
Two photos Upper photo "Yaizu Katsuo Zanmai" is a bonito gourmet event held for a limited period at restaurants in central downtown area of the city, lower photo "Yoru no Katsuo Zanmai" including "Isoryori Kuroshio's" sashimi, salted bonito guts and deep-fried bonito heart
Best season First bonito of the year (nobori-gatsuo): Around May to June
Returning bonito (kudari-gatsuo): Around October to November
Phone Yaizu City Tourist Association
+81-54-626-6266 (Japanese only)
URL Yaizu City Tourist Association

Gourmet event "Yaizu Katsuo Zanmai"

This event held in spring and autumn in Yaizu, which boasts Japan's biggest haul of bonito, features a range of well planned bonito dishes offered by restaurants around Yaizu Station and along the shopping street in front.
Spring event: May 7th - June 17th, 2018; Autumn event: September 29th - November 18th, 2018
(Yaizu Katsuo Zanmai Executive Committee Secretariat / (Yakitsuya) +81-54-627-6415)
* The dishes listed are served during the "Yaizu Katsuo Zanmai" event period only. In addition, the menu may be altered.

Places you can try bonito

Restaurants participating in the "Yaizu Katsuo Zanmai" event etc.

updated on Mar 30, 2018

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