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[Konomiya Hadaka Matsuri (Naoi Shinji)]

Aichi's strange festival where naked men fiercely jostle against each other

This Shinto ritual of warding off evil is held on the 13th of the lunar new year every year, and is officially called the "Naoi Shinji". Thousands of naked men wearing loincloths and tabi socks fiercely jostle against each other over a "naoi-nin (or shin otoko)" selected every year. It is believed that if you touch the shin otoko, you can ward off evil, and the men rushing toward him make for an overwhelming sight. The place is bustling from early in the morning on the day of the event with people who want to receive prayers warding off evil, or get a piece of "naoi-gire" as an amulet. The offering of the "naoi-zasa", a bamboo stem with "naoi-nuno" tied to it, is some spectacle.
Posted photos Main "The Coming Out of the Shin Otoko", 59th Photo Contest Grand Prize (Photographer: Yoshimune Tamaki)
Upper left: Out come the troops with pails to shower the shin-otoko with ceremonial water, Upper right: The "naoi-zasa" offered to the front shrine, Bottom: "The Hadaka Matsuri Climax!!", 59th Photo Contest First Prize (Photographer: Yoko Yamaguchi)
Date February 17th, 2019
Time 3:00 p.m. to around 6:00 p.m.
Address 1-1-1 Konomiya, Inazawa City, Aichi (Owari Okunitama Shrine, Konomiya)
Phone +81-587-23-2121 (Japanese only)
Acccess Take the Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line from "Nagoya Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen for approx. 15 minutes, alight at "Konomiya Station" and walk for approx. 3 minutes.
URL Owari Okunitama Shrine (Konomiya)
* The "Konomiya Hadaka Matsuri (Naoi Shinji)" is scheduled to be held every winter (January 13th of the lunar calendar).

updated on Jan 18, 2019

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