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[Kakegawa Matsuri (Kakegawa Omatsuri)]

A lively autumn festival which sets off the whole town with gorgeous floats and bright music

"Kakegawa Matsuri" is a festival held by seven shrines in the center of Kakegawa, which began during the Edo period. The festival has these days grown into a happening in which the whole city (that's 41 districts in all) celebrates on a large scale. The highlights of the festival are the gorgeously decorated floats which represent each district. The floats are drawn around the city to the sound of lively festival music, and there are also hand dances, shishimai dances with lion masks, and more. Visitors don't want to miss three big events at the Omatsuri held only once every three years: "Yakko Dochu"; a powerful shishimai called "Kankaramachi" which depicts two male lions fighting over one female; and "Ojishi", a dance by a giant lion.The next Omatsuri will be held in 2021.
Posted photos Main Floats.
Side Upper left: Yakko Dochu (Kakegawa Omatsuri). Upper right: Kankaramachi (Kakegawa Omatsuri). Bottom: Ojishi (Kakegawa Omatsuri).
Date ● Kakegawa Matsuri
From October 11th to 13th, 2019
* The schedule may change in the event of rain.
* The Kakegawa Matsuri is scheduled to be held every year in beginning of October. The Kakegawa Omatsuri is scheduled to be held once every three years.
Location Central Kakegawa north of Kakegawa Station, Omatsuri Hiroba
Phone +81-537-24-8711 (Kakegawa Tourism Association Visitor Center “Tabi-no-Switch”) (English and Chinese available)
Access Approx. 5-minute walk from "Kakegawa Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen.
URL http://www.city.kakegawa.shizuoka.jp/kankou/event/kakegawamaturi_2.html

updated on Aug 29, 2019

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