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Hamamatsu Station 


Welcome to an amazing and fantastical underground world with a 30-meter waterfall

Ryugashido is the largest sightseeing stalactite cave in the Tokai region. The full length of the cave exceeds 1 kilometer, and about 400 meters of this are open to the public. Stalactites with distinctive shapes and colors, through which they have acquired names like "Waterfall climb of the jellyfish", "The Phoenix hall" and " Treasure Pillars", invite visitors into a fantastical underground world. The "Grand golden waterfall" is the most breathtaking sight of all: water crashes down from some 30 meters above as if it were falling from heaven itself. All these features have taken unimaginable ages to form, and none who sees them can fail to be touched by the mystery and wonder of nature.
Address 193 Tabatake, Inasa-cho, Kita Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka
Phone +81-53-543-0108 (Japanese only)
Opening hours 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Holidays Open everyday
Admission fee Adults (high school students and over) 1,000 yen, elementary school students and junior high school students 600 yen
Access Take the Entetsu Bus bound for "Okuyama" from "Hamamatsu Station" of JR Tokaido Shinkansen for approx. 60 minutes, alight at "Ryugashido Iriguchi" and walk for approx. 7 minutes.
URL http://www.doukutu.co.jp/

updated on Mar 30, 2018

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