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Nagoya Station [ Samurai & Ninja Festival 2019]

  • A huge variety of autumn festivals
  • Autumn is a festive season packed full of events
  • All sorts of festivals and events are held in autumn. They range in character from traditional festivals to lively, boisterous events best captured by the phrase, "festival merrymaking". Which festivals will you go to this autumn? Check out the details to see what kind of festivals and events are taking place, and plan your trip!
  • Toyohashi Station [Eejanaika Toyohashi Matsuri]
  • Autumn festivals brimming with tradition
    and historic ambience
  • A wide range of crops are harvested in November. In shrines nationwide, "Niinamesai" festivals are held to celebrate the year's good harvest, and to wish for a plentiful crop next year. Each region along the Tokaido has their own unique way of presenting the gods with offerings of locally produced vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts. Being present as ceremonies are held within this sacred atmosphere brings you closer to the Japanese spirit of fondness and appreciation for nature, and leaves you feeling as though your soul is cleansed.
    You can also feel the ambience of ancient times at the many historically-themed autumn festivals and at "Daimyo Gyoretsu", which is unique to the Tokaido area. One of the highlights is the gallant feudal lords in their splendid attire. As one of the most prestigious highways, Tokaido offers a unique chance to revel in tradition and history.
  • Kyoto Station [Jidai Matsuri] ※ Paid spectator seats are available
    Odawara Station [ Ichiyajo Festival (Ishi-gakiyama Ichiya Castle Historical Park)]
  • A host of regional attractions! Gorgeous autumn events
  • There are also many events that offer something for everyone, where you will find many stalls! There's a lively energy to proceedings in which local people mix together with tourists. In fact, regional exchange and cultural promotion form part of the events' objectives.
    Along the Tokaido, whole towns come together to stage events that promote regional attractions, where visitors can wander around snacking on local specialties and sample experience programs that bring them closer to nature. For events that take place across a network of venues, it is a good idea to get hold of a pamphlet or so on beforehand to reduce any chances of losing your way.
    Another interesting point about the events held along the Tokaido is their international perspective. They involve both Japanese cultural phenomena that are trending globally, as well as other more eccentric forms of entertainment.
    Countless uniquely themed events provide infinite forms of fun! You are sure to find new surprises and discoveries. If you do go out along the autumn Tokaido, don't miss your chance to join in one of the "festival merrymakings" that envelop the whole town with their feverish energy.

updated on Sep 30, 2016

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