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Kakegawa Station [Omaezaki Kaisen Nabura Ichiba (Omaezaki Longtooth Grouper)]

  • The long-awaited wealth of autumn blessings from mountain and sea
  • Savor the seasonal delights of the time of year
    when appetites also grow
  • Autumn is a time when all sorts of foods reach peak flavor. Lots of people also go off on foodie trips to get a taste of the seasonal fruits of the sea and mountains. As the saying "good autumn appetite" suggests, our desire to eat tends to grow in the autumn. Our metabolic activity slows down during the hot and humid summer period, leading to a loss of appetite. However, as it gets cooler in autumn, our metabolism speeds up and we need more energy. Autumn is a great season for both body and mind because you can enjoy a wide range of foods that are in season just when you feel like wanting to eat more.
  • Hamamatsu Station [Yamamoto-tei (Doman Crab)]
    Hamamatsu Station [Natural Tiger Puffer Fish]
  • A delicious and nutritious taste of autumn
  • Fish and shellfish caught in autumn are known to be plump and full of flavor because they have been consuming large amounts of food to prepare for the winter. The potatoes and root vegetables have acquired plenty of nutrients under the powerful sunlight of the summer. The foods that reach their seasonal peak in autumn are very nutritious and extra tasty. The fresher they are, the better they taste, and their wholesome flavors can be experienced at their absolute best. Tokaido stretches from east to west and its lands are blessed with bountiful sea and earth, which is why the various regions offer so many autumn delicacies. Some of the local foods are only on offer for a limited period of time, and can only be tasted in a certain region. Any opportunity to visit presents a chance to encounter these delightful tastes.
  • Go fruit picking and experience the "autumn harvest"!
  • The other thing about autumn is that it is also the time when fruits ripen. As the fig and tangerine harvests approach, some of the farms along the Tokaido welcome tourists to come and pick their own fruit. Choose a delicious-looking fruit from among the huge variety of shapes and sizes, pick it, and pop it straight in your mouth. The refreshing aroma and rich flavor is sure to have you breaking out in a smile. Don't miss the chance to feel the joy of the harvest and savor seasonal foods you can't taste elsewhere, along the autumn Tokaido!

updated on Sep 30, 2016

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