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A 300 year-old wisteria with flowers that seem to pour down from the canopy

In spring, elegant pale violet spikes hang from the canopy and a subtle fragrance drifts around the area. The lovely wisteria, whose estimated age is more than 300 years, has drawn many people throughout the ages. The wonderful wisteria trellis which partly covers the precincts of Takehana Betsuin is composed of one tree, an unusually large tree in Japan, measuring 2.3 meters around the root, 2.4 meters in height, and with branches spreading 33 meters from east to west and 15 meters from north to south. It once almost died during the 1980's, however it was saved by the efforts of local people who loved the tree. The flowers have bloomed beautifully every year since then, as if in response to the people's efforts.

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  • Viewing period:
  • From late April to early May
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Travel advice

The "Mino Takehana Wisteria Festival", including various events, is held at Takehana Betsuin when the wisteria is in bloom. The flowering season is usually late April to early May, and updates on the bloom are posted on the tourist information section of the Hashima City website. Please take care not to damage the tree and its flowers when visiting since it is carefully maintained and preserved by a group of volunteers.

The pleasure of travel: The Wisteria of Takehana Betsuin

"Mino Takehana Festival" held on May 3 every year is a religious festival of Yatsurugi Shrine, the shrine to the local tutelary deity of Takehana town. Accompanying the wisteria, you can enjoy gorgeous festival floats which have been designated as tangible folk-cultural property by the prefecture. From Takehana Betsuin's nearby Meitetsu Takehana Station, a 35-minute train ride including transfers gets you to JR Gifu Station where restaurants such as Kawaramachi Izumiya offer visitors the chance to sample sweetfish dishes, a representative local food. The eagerly awaited cormorant fishing on the Nagara River also gets underway from May 11.

Mino Takehana Festival / Wisteria Festival

Takehana Betsuin

updated on Mar 18, 2016