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Mt. Fuji and the glittering factories: A beauty parade

Thousands of lights glitter in the twilight sky and on the waters round Tagonoura port, with the magnificent Mt. Fuji in the background. The source of the lights are factories such as paper mills which have developed to support the industry in Fuji City. The paper industry first flourished in Fuji over a hundred years ago since the city had plenty of spring water from Mt. Fuji. Factories serving all sorts of industries have been built since the opening of Tagonoura Port, turning this area into a major industrial zone that offers beautiful scenery at night. The beautiful scenery arising from this combination of natural wonders and the imprints of people's lives in the area is an attraction quite distinct from other regions.

Photo by Taiichi Miyazaki

※ Views like the one shown in the photo can only be seen under certain conditions (time of day, weather etc.).

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Travel advice

The scenery can be seen during the night since many factories in Fuji operate 24 hours a day. Please observe good manners and be careful not to disturb the neighbors at night. Iwamotoyama Park offers a panoramic view of Fuji City including the nighttime factory scenery.

The pleasure of travel: Nightscape of factories

The Gakunan Electric Train running among the factories in the city is also a popular means to enjoy the nighttime spectacle. Every fourth Saturday night of the month, a train runs with the lights in its rear carriage turned off in order to enjoy the nighttime scenery (every fourth Friday night until March, 2016), and calendars with photos of beautiful nightscape of factories taken by the Fuji Factory Night View Club are sold at various places in the city. Visitors can also enjoy fresh seafood like perfectly textured "namashirasu-don" at Tagonoura Port Fisheries Cooperative Association's restaurant (opens from April to December) and along the Fujisan Shirasu Kaido (a city route encompassing the top whitebait eateries). Various Mt. Fuji items including confectioneries inspired by Mt. Fuji are sold at the souvenir shop at Shin-Fuji Station. Visit the shop and choose one as a memento of your travels.

Gakunan Electric Train

Tagonoura whitebait

updated on Mar 18, 2016