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A hot spring in a cave full of mountain energy

One step into the cave, and the hot steam blocks all view and envelops your whole body. Be guided forward by the bubbling sounds you hear from deep inside and you'll realize the source of the vapors and sounds is a hot spring. Found during the Nara period, Hashiriyu is a spring source in a horizontal tunnel, which number only a few across the whole country. It is said that in the past, about 900 liters of hot spring water flowed rapidly down towards the sea every minute. This is one of the three oldest and largest hot springs in Japan and has been carefully maintained from ancient times as a sacred spring. The stunning views give a real sense of the mountain energy that seems to gush out with the hot water.

※ Views like the one shown in the photo can only be seen under certain conditions (time of day, weather etc.).

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  • All year round
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  • Divine

Travel advice

Adults may have to stoop down in the cave since the ceiling is low. Please walk slowly as the steam reduces visibility. People may get sweaty since the cave is so humid and hot inside. Also, please be careful not to get too close, since there is no fence and the water is about 70 °C hot.

The pleasure of travel: Hashiriyu

Izusan, from which the hot spring water gushes out, has been a sacred mountain worshiped since ancient times. In particular, Izusan Shrine is also known as "Soto Shrine" (another term for running water) and is deeply connected with this hot spring. This shrine, with its miraculous powers, is a place of magical energy that has come to represent Atami and has drawn famous visitors, from the many Buddhist mountain ascetics, to Yoritomo Minamoto and his wife Masako, and also Ieyasu Tokugawa. Around Atami Station, you can do a tour of seven baths including Oyu Kanketsusen and Ozawa-no-Yu. Wandering round the quaint hot spring town, visitors will find cafes with an atmosphere recalling the Showa era. Enjoy strolling around the hot spring resort of Atami with an onsen manju bun steamed over the hot spring in your hand.


Izusan Shrine sitting stone

updated on Mar 18, 2016