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Rediscover Osaka with our elaborate cruise tours

A modern metropolitan city on one side and greenery on the other. Cruise along the Okawa River through central Osaka City, and get closer to the many different faces of Osaka. A river cruise offers the chance to sample all sorts of great attractions in one hit including the charming buildings lining Nakanoshima island, and the Hideyoshi Toyotomi-built Osaka Castle. This is an attraction unique to the aqua metropolis Osaka. As the sayings of the Edo period go, "Edo has 808 towns", "Kyoto has 808 temples", and "Naniwa has 808 bridges". The channels and ships which formerly powered commerce in Osaka now offer elaborate cruise tours. Enjoy a different take on Osaka's well established sightseeing spots.

※ Views like the one shown in the photo can only be seen under certain conditions (time of day, weather etc.).

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Travel advice

There are four boarding points for the Aqua-Liner, including Osakajo Pier. Please check the website before boarding, since the timetable is liable to change during major events, and adverse weather and river conditions can result in route changes or closures. Reservations will occasionally be limited during the cherry blossom season in spring due to high demand.

The pleasure of travel: Osaka River Cruise

Aqua metropolis Osaka hosts great numbers of cruise tours for all to enjoy the waterside scenery. Aboard the "Tombori River Cruise", passengers get on at Tazaemonbashi Pier and cruise around Dotonbori River observing the hustle and bustle of crowded Minami. The area around the pier is full of shops and stalls and finding a souvenir or a meal is no problem at all. At Minatomachi Pier, you can embark on a "Naniwa Exploration Cruise with Rakugoka", a tour in which a Rakugoka (comic story teller) guides you around the sights of Osaka with added laughter. Get a feel for the culture and history of "owarai" (laughter) that runs deep in this commercial town.

Naniwa Exploration Cruise with Rakugoka

Tombori River Cruise

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updated on Mar 18, 2016