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A mirror of water reflecting beautifully sculpted "yukitsuri"

Yukitsuri are a kind of traditional anti-snow measure consisting of ropes stretching down radially from the tops of trees to form beautiful cones. Paired with their reflections in a mirror of water, they create an extremely attractive scene. The design of Shirotori Garden takes the Chubu area as its subject, with the river representing the Kiso River, the tsukiyama (artificial hill) representing Mt. Ontake, the pond representing the Ise Bay and so on. The flowing water, trees and flowers join forces to reward visitors with beautiful views particular to each season. Best of all though are the yukitsuri, a quintessential feature of the park in winter. Truly stunning scenery results from a collaboration between water and traditional technology.

※ Views like the one shown in the photo can only be seen under certain conditions (time of day, weather etc.).

  • Viewing period:
  • From late November to late December
  • Challenge level:
  • ★★☆
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  • Moving

Travel advice

Opening hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Last admission at 4:30 p.m.) The garden is closed every Monday, and at year-end and New Year's. The yukitsuri can be seen from late November to early March. At the start of the season, a rope-attaching ceremony is held in Miyano Watashi Square, and visitors can observe traditional techniques first hand. There are illuminations from late November to late December. Please check the website for details about dates and times.

The pleasure of travel: Shirotori Garden

Walking in the spacious precincts of Atsuta Shrine near Shirotori Garden and watching some of the religious services sometimes held there is one of the many pleasures of travel to be had here. Also, at Nagoya Castle, which was originally constructed by Ieyasu Tokugawa, reconstruction of the Hommaru Goten has been underway since 2009, and at the time of writing (2015) is partly open to the public again. The completed reconstruction is something everyone is looking forward to. Visitors can enjoy many kinds of specialty gourmet cuisine in Nagoya, and among these, hitsumabushi and misokatsu should be at the top of everyone's list of things to try. Visit Bincho's ESCA branch near Nagoya Station for a casual bite of hitsumabushi, and for a hearty portion of misokatsu, Yabaton's famous Nagoya misokatsu is highly recommended.

Atsuta Shrine

Hitsumabushi Bincho

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