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A shining beacon of art and culture by the rivers in Nakanoshima

With the Dojima River to the north and the Tosabori River to the south, Nakanoshima is a symbolic area of "Aqua Metropolis Osaka". The buildings and bridges in the area are illuminated at night, adding further color to the riverside. Shining out conspicuously in the midst of all this is Osaka City Central Public Hall, a retro-modern edifice in a Neo-Renaissance style. Wishing there could be a base in Osaka from which culture and art could be spread, a citizen called Einosuke Iwamoto donated to Osaka City private assets whose value today it is said would amount to billions of yen. Countless addresses, operas, classical concerts and other cultural events have been held in the Hall since it was completed in 1918. The wish of Einosuke has been passed down to the people of Osaka today.

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Travel advice

While only the Exhibition Room and "free viewing areas" can be visited freely, other rooms may be seen on guided tours operated by the Public Hall (reservation and additional fee required) and during various events. Please check the website about illuminations, as the times depend on the season. There are also illumination events every December.

The pleasure of travel: Osaka City Central Public Hall

The area around Osaka City Central Public Hall is maintained as Nakanoshima Park, so visitors can enjoy a stroll around an oasis in the middle of the city. There is also a rose garden in the park. Spring and autumn are the best times to see it. Taking in some of the other examples of retro architecture around Nakanoshima Park is also to be recommended. Around the Public Hall, you can experience the attraction of stately architecture of the Meiji and Taisho periods through such examples as the Bank of Japan Osaka Branch Old Building and Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library. And if you want to sample representative Osaka gourmet cuisine like "konamon" and udon, you should direct your attention toward the "stock". The deciding factor in the flavor is the Kansai-style stock with its base of kelp and plenty of dried bonito, so how about enjoying a treat while also comparing with the flavors of other regions?

Osaka Central Public Hall

Doutonbori Imai

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updated on Mar 15, 2016