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A valiant performance of sparks of fire and people

Pillars of fire shoot up 10 meters high and sparks fall like heavy rain. The valiant and magnificent hand-held fireworks are a part of the East Mikawa region's traditional culture. Each firework weighs 4 to 5 kg, and they are carried under the arms and set off in a unique way called "hoyo". They are offered to the gods with a prayer for a good harvest. Fireworks were originally used to summon up vengeful ghosts in the Heian period, and came to be displayed at big festivals as they are in the present day during the Edo period. Hoyo is also a test of courage for the person who holds the firework as the sparks rain down on his or her body. This stunning spectacle offers the chance to experience a piece of culture that has been passed down since long ago, and also see how the fireworks are made.

※ Views like the one shown in the photo can only be seen under certain conditions (time of day, weather etc.).

  • Viewing period:
  • 1st Saturday and Sunday in October
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  • Overwhelming

Travel advice

The Hada Festival is held every year on the 1st Saturday and Sunday in October. The festival has a history which goes back 1300 years, and can boast that it displays the largest number of fireworks of any festival in the East Mikawa region, with around 800 being dedicated over two days. The East Mikawa region's traditional tezutsu hand-held fireworks can also be seen at the Fire Festival in Toyohashi Park and the Toyohashi Gion Festival held at Yoshida Shrine, which is said to be their birthplace.

The pleasure of travel: Toyohashi's Tezutsu Hand-Held Fireworks

The venue for the first day of the Hada Festival is Hada Hachimangu, only a 10-minute walk from Toyohashi Station. Enjoy sightseeing in Toyohashi before the hand-held fireworks are set off at night! Toyohashi Park is a recreation spot for the townsfolk that can be reached from the station by tram. Within the park you will find, amongst other things, the ruins of Yoshida Castle and an art museum. On the south side of the park, you can enjoy a stroll around two famous masterpieces of modern architecture, Toyohashi City Public Hall and Toyohashi Orthodox Church. Fish paste products with packaging that looks like hand-held fireworks will make a great souvenir of your trip. In Toyohashi City, you will also find restaurants where you can savor fresh seafood caught in Mikawa Bay in tempura, kappo and other cuisines.

Toyohashi Orthodox Church

Hirokoji Denden

updated on Jan 8, 2016