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A dusk observation deck which reflects the duty and humanity of Osaka

If the gorgeous image of Tsutenkaku by night colored by the neon signs and illuminations of Osaka's Shinsekai is its best known face, then dusk is the time to glimpse it in a completely different aspect. The observation deck which overlooks the streets of Osaka is nostalgic somehow when stained red by a westering sun shining in through the window. The first Tsutenkaku was lost in the war and reconstructed as the present, second generation Tsutenkaku through the strong wish of local people to have it back. It may well be the case that this stunning scenery can be seen today precisely because of the heartwarming, human story of a wish fulfilled through hard work and hardships, from the raising of funding to the opening.

※ Views like the one shown in the photo can only be seen under certain conditions (time of day, weather etc.).

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Travel advice

The observation deck is on the 4th and 5th floors. The photo is of the west side on the 5th floor, where Daikokuten, the god of commercial prosperity who protects the commercial town that is Osaka, is to be found. A tour of the eight gods of fortune, that is, the Seven Gods of Good Fortune placed all around the entire floor, plus "Billiken-san", the shining gold guardian god of Tsutenkaku itself, is one of the pleasures of a visit to Tsutenkaku. At night, the 4th floor transforms into a fantastical space based on images of outer space.

The pleasure of travel: Tsutenkaku

There are lots of eateries in the environs of Tsutenkaku, so you will be able to find whatever Osaka cuisine you fancy, be it kushikatsu, Kansai-style noodles, pufferfish or something else. The Hankai train, Osaka's only tram, also runs close by, and lots of tourists go to take a look and feel the nostalgia, even if they aren't train enthusiasts. Tennoji Zoo, the zoo with the third longest history in Japan, is within walking distance of Tsutenkaku. The zoo lies within the vast Tennoji Park, which is a great place to take a stroll or a break. If you get a craving for something sweet, try some "mixed juice", an Osaka specialty which you will see just about everywhere.

Tennoji Zoo


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updated on Jan 8, 2016