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A windmill evokes the European countryside, and stands as a symbol of the "Japanese Denmark"

A windmill rises against the evening sky. This windmill is the very symbol of DENPARK, and has a distinctive Danish design consisting of outer walls that gradually widen toward the bottom, and an onion-shaped top. The reason why such an iconic image of Europe is to be found here in Anjo is that Anjo City was once called the "Japanese Denmark" by way of comparison with the country which has what is perhaps the world's most advanced agricultural industry. The name DENPARK has the same connection behind it. Hidden in this large park, where visitors come to admire seasonal plants and flowers, are ties which connect these two distant lands.

※ Views like the one shown in the photo can only be seen under certain conditions (time of day, weather etc.).

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Travel advice

The park is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (4:30 p.m. in winter), with last admissions 30 minutes before closing time, and is closed every Tuesday. Please check the website regarding opening hours, since the park occasionally opens earlier or closes later than the regular time because of special events. The website also has information about highlights such as seasonal flowers and events, and it's a good idea to check these out too before setting out.

The pleasure of travel: DENPARK

A vast rice field lies next to DENPARK, and an event called "Fureai Rice Field Art" is held in it every year. The event is something both producers and consumers can enjoy together. The rice field art can be enjoyed for the whole of the period from when the rice is planted to when it is harvested, so why not take a look when you visit DENPARK? There are other places in Anjo where you can enjoy coming into contact with nature. One such worthy of particular note is Horiuchi Park. All these places are accessible using the city loop bus from Mikawa-Anjo Station. Seasonal fruits like figs and pears are also Anjo specialties, and there are lots of fruit shops around the station, as well as restaurants with unique menu items involving local fruit.

Rice field art

Izumi hand-made noodles

updated on Sep 30, 2015