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A view from a plateau which will give you a real sense of Shizuoka in just one glance

Tea plantations laid out in orderly fashion on hillsides covered in green, with grand Mt. Fuji rising in the background. This beautiful landscape, with all its fresh and contrasting colors, is the view you will get from the beauty spot that is Nihondaira, No. 1 in the "Plains" category of the list of Japan's top 100 sightseeing destinations. This is some truly stunning scenery which lets you take in tea plantations and Mt. Fuji, two iconic images of Shizuoka, all in one glance. Nihondaira is a place which originally had a flat topography but is now a 307-meter hill as a result of changes in the earth's crust. It can therefore be said to be an observation deck which has been created by a miracle of nature, and anyone who stands upon it will be presented with a panorama which takes in the Izu Peninsula, the Southern Alps and more.

※ Views like the one shown in the photo can only be seen under certain conditions (time of day, weather etc.).

  • Viewing period:
  • All year round
  • Challenge level:
  • ★☆☆
  • Feeling:
  • Refreshing

Travel advice

It takes about 35 minutes to get to Nihondaira from Shizuoka Station by bus. To find spots from which to see Mt. Fuji rising above tea plantations like in the photos, alight at "Nihondaira", head down a little way from the top and take a walk around on the hillside. Those kinds of clear views of Mt. Fuji are rare during the tea picking season, but the air is clearer on fine days from winter to early spring, making good views easier to find.

The pleasure of travel: Nihondaira

Besides the observation deck, there are various other things to enjoy around Nihondaira, like the restaurants and souvenir shops. Sweets with a real Shizuoka feel like green-tea taiyaki treats and wasabi ice cream are recommended for soothing away fatigue. Visitors can also take the Ropeway over to Mt. Kuno Tosho-gu Shrine. The stunning view of the Byobu and Jigoku Valleys on the way are another highlight of the area. The shops in Shizuoka Station where you can buy tea, tangerines and all manner of other Shizuoka specialties are definitely worth a look before or after your trip to the plateau.

Mt. Kuno Tosho-gu Shrine

Abekawa Mochi

updated on Sep 30, 2015