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Sand, sea and sky: Fantastic landscape in three layers, for early risers

The long, broad Ensunada coastline from Lake Hamana to Cape Irago on the Atsumi Peninsula is called Omotehama. The coastline at Ikobe forms a part of Omotehama, and on a clear day the beach here is a splendid location from which to survey Hamana Ohashi and Tahara. A magnificent landscape is created by the steep cliff called 'Kaishokugai', a product of erosion by the rough waves, rising up along the coastline in stark contrast to the calm sands of the beach. The fantastical atmosphere created by a mixture of the sandy beach, the sea and the sky, all lit by the rising sun, is a special treat which can only be enjoyed in early morning.

※ Views like the one shown in the photo can only be seen under certain conditions (time of day, weather etc.).

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  • All year round
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Travel advice

To enjoy the fantastic sunrise scenery, arrive at the beach early in the morning, while it is still dark. The water may look calm, but bathing in the sea is strictly prohibited on account of dangerous rolling waves called "uto" which can drag swimmers down to the bottom. The high waves make this a popular spot for surfers, and they come in droves in the warmer months, so to enjoy calm scenery, avoid visiting in summer.

The pleasure of travel: Ikobe Beach

A visit to Sasayuri no Sato, located near Ikobe Beach, is also highly recommended, especially from late May to early June when the flowers there are in their viewing period. Also, tezutsu hand-held fireworks, a special piece of Toyohashi culture with over 400 years of history, are a wonderful summer highlight. For city sightseeing, take the tram from the front of Toyohashi Station. By the way, it's the only tram operating in the Tokai area. Besides having the sharpest curve in Japan, the tram is famous for unique events like the summer-evening beer tram (which serves beer) and the winter Odensha (which serves oden, a delicious hot stew). If you're looking eat your fill, two suggestions which spring to mind are Toyohashi curry udon, a local specialty, and nameshi dengaku served the way they always have been.


Kikusou Nameshi Dengaku

updated on Mar 31, 2015