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  1. Gifu-Hashima Station
  2. [The Wisteria of Takehana Betsuin]

A 300 year-old wisteria with flowers that seem to pour down from the canopy


  1. Shin-Fuji Station
  2. [Nightscape of factories]

Mt. Fuji and the glittering factories: A beauty parade


  1. Atami Station
  2. [Hashiriyu]

A hot spring in a cave full of mountain energy


  1. Shin-Osaka Station
  2. [Osaka Suijo Bus Aqua-Liner]

Rediscover Osaka with our elaborate cruise tours


  1. Mishima Station
  2. [Old Hakone Highway Cedar Avenue]

Walk today what was one of the most dangerous places along the Tokaido


  1. Nagoya Station
  2. [Shirotori Garden]

A mirror of water reflecting beautifully sculpted "yukitsuri"


  1. Shin-Osaka Station
  2. [Osaka City Central Public Hall]

A shining beacon of art and culture by the rivers in Nakanoshima


  1. Gifu-Hashima Station
  2. [Statue of the Eleven-Faced Kannon]

A smiling Enku-butsu that envelops people in motherly love


  1. Toyohashi Station
  2. [Toyohashi's Tezutsu Hand-Held Fireworks (Hada Festival)]

A valiant performance of sparks of fire and people


  1. Shin-Osaka Station
  2. [Tsutenkaku]

A dusk observation deck which reflects the duty and humanity of Osaka


  1. Mikawa-Anjo Station
  2. [DENPARK]

A windmill evokes the European countryside, and stands as a symbol of the "Japanese Denmark"


  1. Shizuoka Station
  2. [Nihondaira]

A view from a plateau which will give you a real sense of Shizuoka in just one glance


  1. Shin-Yokohama Station
  2. [Shomyo-ji Temple]

A beautiful garden which gives form to the longed-for Land of Happiness


  1. Kakegawa Station
  2. [Dream Suspension Bridge Across Sumata Gorge]

Gaze upon the glory of nature from a suspension bridge across a valley of a thousand faces


  1. Tokyo Station, Shinagawa Station
  2. [Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple]

The mysterious attraction of "a temple which doesn't look like a temple"


  1. Kyoto Station
  2. [Sagano Bamboo Forest Path]

The color and sound of green bamboo invites visitors to take a journey into the extraordinary


  1. Shin-Osaka Station
  2. [The Floating Garden in Umeda Sky Building]

A 360-degree aerial walk around the rooftop of a skyscraper in the center of Osaka


  1. Mishima Station
  2. [Shoji-bori in Yamanaka Castle Ruins]

Shoji-bori, created through the wisdom and ingenuity of Sengoku commanders and remaining down to the present


  1. Mikawa-Anjo Station
  2. [Unryu no Matsu in Eian-ji Temple]

A giant Japanese black pine whose creeping trunk calls to mind dragons


  1. Tokyo Station, Shinagawa Station
  2. [Roppongi Hills Mori Tower Tokyo City View]

Glittering lights that testify to the energy of the metropolis that is Tokyo


  1. Gifu-Hashima Station
  2. [Painted ceiling of Hongaku-ji Temple]

A staring dragon, and a collaboration across time


  1. Odawara Station
  2. [Pampas grass at Sengokuhara]

Fields of pampas grass that gradually change the color of the hillsides from green to gold


  1. Toyohashi Station
  2. [Ikobe Beach]

Sand, sea and sky: Fantastic landscape in three layers, for early risers


  1. Atami Station
  2. [Atami Sun Beach]

A fantastic, and romantic, night resort


  1. Shin-Yokohama Station
  2. [Minato Mirai seen from Daikoku Ohashi]

A spectacular panorama, taking in the whole of Yokohama