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Mikawa-Anjo Station 

[Unryu no Matsu in Eian-ji Temple]

Like dragons climbing to ascension above the clouds

A Japanese black pine, estimated to be 300 years old, with stately spreading branches worthy of the name "Unryu" ("Cloud Dragon"). Kuromatsu, or black pines, usually have a trunk which grows upward. However, with the black pine in Eian-ji Temple, the trunk divides into three 1.5 meters above the base, and the three trunks the spread over the ground like Japanese dragons striving to grab a cloud and ascend to heaven. (Designated as a natural monument by Aichi Prefecture.)
Address 17 Kitayashiki, Hamaya-cho, Anjo-shi, Aichi
Phone +81-566-71-2235 (Anjo Tourism Association) (Japanese only)
Access Take the JR Tokaido Main Line from "Mikawa-Anjo Station" of JR Tokaido Shinakansen for approx. 3 minutes, alight at "Anjo Station". Take the Ankuru Bus Tobu Line for approx. 30 minutes, alight at "Hamaya".
URL http://kanko.anjo-tanabata.jp/english/spot/history_eianji.html

updated on Mar 27, 2015

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