Themes List | Japan Highlights Travel, for sightseeing around Tokaido

Themes List

  • Tokaido autumn festivals events

    NEW 2016.9.30 UP!

  • Experience the foods of autumn along Tokaido

  • The history of the skyrockets that garland Japan's summer

  • Rediscover the charm of Japan with an autumn trip along the Tokaido!

  • Experience the beauty and style of traditional manufacturing

  • Uncover new perspectives on Japanese culture

  • Japan's festivals of are symbols of local customs and culture

  • Treasures to be handed down to the future

  • This was how Japan's main artery, the Tokaido, came into being.

  • "Washoku", a registered piece of Intangible Cultural Heritage

  • Castles of Tokai that gave rise to "The Three Great Heroes", Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu

  • Sakura, a symbol of Japan

  • The Japanese "hot spring culture" lies in the core of travel

  • the locally endorsed places are selected.